Sunday, 21 July 2013

Wikigender is your community!

This blog, by Wikigender Co-ordinator Estelle Loiseau, is part of the Wikiprogress  focus on networks over the summer. The Wikigender Network will be in the spotlight from 22-31 July. 


Wikigender is a platform that gathers a wide community of gender equality advocates and experts from around the world to discuss and share knowledge on gender equality and development issues.

It now has over 50,000 unique monthly visitors, more than 2,600 editors and over 1,600 articles. Anyone with a Wikigender account can create, edit articles and add events - and also receives the Wikigender Connect, our monthly newsletter. Each user has a profile where he can add friends, send messages to other members from the Wikigender community and see his/her contributions.

Browse our categories to see what topics we cover! 

We are a wiki, so we always want more articles, this is how you make Wikigender such a vibrant community!

Online discussions

Did you say gender equality? 
What about engaging men and boys? Tackling violence against women? Engaging women and men to ensure sustainable development? Empowering rural women? 

Since 2012 we organise regular online discussions to further engage the community in various topics. The main findings of each online discussion are then collated in a synthesis report, with quotes from the participants, and presented at our events.

Your Community Portal

The community portal is where you find our media review on gender equality updated daily, recent papers and publications, featured videos and other news. It is YOUR community portal and we like it when you enrich this space with your articles and blogs, publications or videos!

We also have a special focus space that we change regularly - currently on Malala and her fight for education.

Wikigender University

Are you at a university? Would you like to participate even more, write on gender equality issues that matter to you for a particular project at university, or with a group of friends from your university? 

You can strat a project within your own university and connect with other students from different countries with our Wikigender University programme. Currently we have 6 participating universities from France, Mexico, India, Thailand and the United States.

Want to be part of the Wikigender Network? Simply create your account here. You can also follows us on Twitter and Facebook.

Any ideas? questions? We want to hear from you! Email us:

Estelle Loiseau
Wikigender Co-ordinator

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