Thursday, 25 July 2013

Think-tank petitions for a Wellbeing Centre for Wales

This blog, written by Lles Cymru Wellbeing Wales’ Executive Director Dafydd Thomas, contributes to the Wikiprogress Series on Networks. It explains the need for a new Wellbeing Centre for Wales and proposes that those who support the cause sign this petition.

To coincide with National Feel Good Day, an organization that aims to influence and inform the debate about wellbeing in Wales launched an ambitious Wellbeing Manifesto that calls on the Welsh Government to establish a new Wellbeing Centre for Wales, aimed at making increased wellbeing the number-one goal of public policy in Wales.

The Centre, which is the brainchild of not-for-profit think-tank Lles Cymru Wellbeing Wales and has the support of other charities across Wales, such as the Women’s Institute, would be a world-class centre aimed at putting individual and community wellbeing at the heart of Welsh politics. Drawing inspiration from prestigious policy institutes like the award-winning Centre for Social Justice, it would combine the expertise of those with a track record of effective political engagement and policy-making; those with experience of delivering grassroots wellbeing initiatives, including the voluntary sector; as well as academics and academic networks.

Lles Cymru Wellbeing Wales’s Executive Director, Dafydd Thomas, outlines the background to the proposal: “Since 1998, when government first set out its aims to improve wellbeing in Wales in Better Health Better Wales, we have seen big strides forward in wellbeing policy, such as the draft Social Services and Wellbeing Bill, which prioritizes wellbeing outcomes. 

But there are still issues that need addressing. Wellbeing policy often works on a ‘one-size-fits-all’ basis, even though evidence shows that local contexts need to be taken into account.  A concerted effort is required by multiple agencies, working together, to realize the wellbeing ambitions in the legislative programme - as no one agency has a monopoly on wellbeing. A Wellbeing Centre for Wales would be a vehicle to focus everyone’s efforts and drive change.”
Lles Cymru Wellbeing Wales has also a petition to the National Assembly for Wales to call on the Welsh Government to establish the Centre. Additionally, it is calling on other organisations and individuals to sign the petition in support.

The National Federation of Women’s Institute - Wales is amongst the charities supporting the call. “The National Federation of Women’s Institute - Wales is all about wellbeing; the wellbeing of our members; wellbeing for the recipients of our services.  A Wellbeing Centre would bring clarity and focus to the debate, so that we can be sure of exactly what we need to do to play our part in taking this agenda forward.”

Copies of the Wellbeing Manifesto for Wales are available at:
To sign the petition visit for a Wellbeing Centre for Wales please visit:

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