Monday, 15 July 2013

Where is the Demand for Beyond GDP Indicators?

This blog by Saamah Abdallah, nef (the new economics foundation) profiles the recent report by BRAINPOoL*, Characterizing Demand for ‘Beyond GDP’. This article is part of the Wikiprogress series on Statistics and Data.

Where is the demand for Beyond GDP indicators? 
Which actors are interested in using such indicators and how do they want to use them? 
How might a societal demand for these indicators be understood? And, when there is a lack of demand, what factors explain it? 

These are the questions that are posed and answered in a recent report by BRAINPOoL, the EU funded project on bringing alternative indicators into policy. The presentation below provides a summary of the report.  Whilst there are some greenshoots emerging, it does highlight the many challenges faced by promoters of alternative indicators in terms of getting them to be use in the policy process.

Saamah Abdallah

*BRAINPOol (Bringing Alternative Indicators into Policy) is a consortium of European partners with the aim of influencing policy makers to consider indicators for well-being and progress alternative to GDP. It was formed in 2010 following a push for further engagement in a beyond GDP society, and is funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Program. 

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