Friday, 29 July 2011

The week in review

Welcome to the Wikiprogress week in review, a round up of highlights from the eventful and busy week that was. Be sure to check out the Wikiprogress community portal for a full round-up of media coverage from the week that was.

On progress
So, how do you measure wellbeing and happiness? (Guardian Data Blog 25.07.2011)
Last November, the UK’s Office for National Statistics was asked by David Cameron to measure the country’s well-being. This week the ONS released the first report on well-being and happiness in the UK.

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On child well-being
The Cabinet Secretary, Sir Gus O’Donnell, has emphasized the need to teach children that there is more to life than material goods. In the shift from measuring economic production to well-being, there is a need to create a cultural change in the way we see happiness.

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On gender equality
Still lonely at the top (The Economist 21.07.2011)
The long-standing debate on whether or not governments should impose quotas for women in senior positions has once again come into the spotlight. The emerging pro-quota trend in Europe has been criticised by the Economist, with a series of articles featured on ‘the wrong way to promote women’.

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On Pakistan – one year later
Global Response to Pakistan Inadequate, Claims Report (Guardian 24.07.2011)
It has been one year since floods devastated Pakistan, forcing 11 million people from their homes.  With the monsoon season approaching, the international community has been criticised for not providing enough resources to Pakistan to recover.

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That’s all from us this week. Be sure to tune in the same time next week for another round-up of highlights.

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