Friday, 22 July 2011

The week in review

Welcome to the Wikiprogress week in review- a round-up of media highlights from the busy week that was. For all news items, blog posts, report release and much more, see the Wikiprogress Community Portal.

On progress
Happiness should have greater role in development policy – UN Member States (UN News Centre 20.07.2011)
A resolution was adopted at United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday calling on UN Member States to give more importance to happiness in the pursuit and measurement of social and economic development.

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On data
Sub-Saharan Africa in data: from infant mortality to government debt (The Guardian Data Blog 18.07.2011)
The Guardian Data Blog has gathered and visualized key data sets measuring progress in Sub-Saharan Africa over a ten-year period. This interactive tool allows users to compare indicators and visualize data over time or by country.

On gender equality
Entrepreneurial Activity Is A Key To Success But Women Face Special Obstacles (Radio Free Europe 17.07.2011)
The Legatum Institute, producers of the Prosperity Index, hosted a conference in London last week to consider the role entrepreneurship plays in national well-being. A strong connection has been identified between levels of entrepreneurship and ranking on the Prosperity Index; however researchers have found that the doors of entrepreneurship are not opened equally.

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On child well-being
Time to start learning (IPS 19.07.2011)
This article looks at the importance of education in the world’s newest country, the Republic of South Sudan. The new government faces a different kind of war, a war on poverty, and access to education for South Sudanese children has been made a high priority.

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Also, the new Wikiprogress Child Well-being Portal just launched.

That’s all from us this week, we hope to see you again the same time next week for another round up of highlights from the week that was.

Philippa Lysaght

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