Thursday, 28 July 2011

Using DevInfo to Support Human Development Monitoring, Planning, Decision-Making and Data Dissemination

Continuing with our discussions on data visualisation, we welcome DevInfo to the ProgBlog. Find out more about them below...

How can we tackle human development more effectively and efficiently? How can we better address persisting disparities and close development gaps? A key solution lies in better data management and utilization - cornerstones of evidence-based decision-making.

DevInfo, a joint project of the United Nations, is a powerful database system for organizing, storing, and presenting data in a uniform way to facilitate data sharing across government departments, UN agencies and development partners. DevInfo facilitates the dissemination of human development data, thereby better positioning data to be used in support of decision-making, advocacy and evidence-based planning. DevInfo’s premier informational display and data capture platform allows users to easily produce tables, graphs and maps, for inclusion in reports, presentations and advocacy materials.

The software platform supports both standard indicators (the Millennium Development Goal or MDG indicators) as well as user-defined indicators. DevInfo is compliant with international statistical standards to support open access and widespread data exchange and operates both as a desktop application as well as on the web, so it can be accessed from anywhere. Software training and technical support is also readily available.

Nearly 140 countries and regions have successfully integrated DevInfo into their regular data compilation, monitoring and dissemination initiatives. For example, Papua New Guinea is using DevInfo to share official government education data via an online DevInfo education database. India is using DevInfo to support polio eradication initiatives through DevInfo-generated polio communication profiles. Moldova is using DevInfo to tackle rural deprivation using Small Area Deprivation Index maps. Niger is using DevInfo to advance poverty reduction by supporting the monitoring of the country’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper. Argentina is using DevInfo to assist public officials with child protection issues. For more examples of DevInfo use on every continent, please click here.

Beyond data monitoring and dissemination, the versatile DevInfo database system can be used in a variety of ways. For example, in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia, DevInfo played a major role in equipping decision-makers with data for reconstruction. Aceh Info, a recovery database built containing both MDG and Tsunami Recovery Impact Assessment and Monitoring Systems indicators, provided stakeholders with easy access to relevant data for recovery decision-making.

Given its user-friendly interface, its endorsement by the United Nations as the chosen software for monitoring MDG progress, and its royalty-free status, DevInfo has become the database system of preference for a growing number of development organizations across the globe. For more information on how DevInfo can help your organization with monitoring, evaluation, advocacy, or data presentation, please contact or visit our website at

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