Friday, 1 July 2011

The week in review

It has been another busy week in the world of progress and we have had plenty of media articles to scour through in choosing the highlights for this week’s review. Be sure to visit the Wikiprogress Community Portal for all new items and blog posts on progress.

On progress
In an interview with Sulak Sivaraksa, BBC Hardtalk discusses the problem with associating rising GDP and national income with national success.  Sulak Sivaraksa, a veteran social campaigner, talks about the importance of happiness.
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On development
Inequality needs to move up the development agenda (The Guardian Poverty Matters Blog 27.06.2011)
Global income inequality has reached a new high; inequality as measured by the Gini coefficient is 65% higher than it was 200 years ago. Despite this drastic rise in inequality, the issue has never reached the top of the policy agenda. This Guardian article explores why.
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On gender equality
The Women2Drive campaign in Saudi Arabia has taken to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to show the increasing support for women defying the ban on driving. The social media platforms have been credited for assisting these women in spreading the word and challenging the status quo.

On child well-being
Almost half of the 160 million inhabitants of Bangladesh are children, of which 46% live below the upper poverty line. On Thursday UNICEF Bangladesh and the Centre for Policy Dialogue released a report entitled, ‘National Budget: Are the commitments to the children of Bangladesh being kept?’ which calls on the government of Bangladesh to invest more in the country’s children.  

On happiness
Happiness is a land called Oz (The Australian 29.06.2011)
Australia has long since enjoyed a top ten placement in many different wellbeing and happiness indices. This article shows how the OECD has ranked Australia in terms of happiness and what opportunities a strong economy has afforded Australians.
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That’s all from us this week. We hope you can tune in again this same time next week for another weekly round up of highlights from the week that was.

Yours in progress,

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