Friday, 4 January 2013

Wikiprogress - Blog Highlights from 2012

We are delighted to present our blog highlights for 2012,  covering a variety of progress related topics: rights, indexes, UNESCO world atlas, inequality, obesity, Cyborgs, the gender gap and children's voices. With contributions from practitioners in the field, partners and the wiki team. 

Video: United Nations Year in Review: Looking back at major events of 2012

Women’s legal rights – progress and backlashes by Angela Luci - 12th January

The pros and cons of the Canadian Superindex by Donato Speroni - 17th January

Inequality post 2015 by  Claire Melamed from the Overseas Development Institute -  Claire Melamed from the Overseas Development Institute - 14th March

Democracy Not Advancing Around the Globe by Wikiprogress Coorespondent Bertelsmann Stiftung - 28th March

Cyborg and Supercrip: Paralympics and Technological Progress by Salema Gulbahar, Wikiprogress Coordinator - 14th August 

Reducing the gender data gap is a multiplying factor of societal progress by Estelle Loiseau, Gender Team, OECD Development Centre - 21st August

Giving Children A Voice by Robbie Lawrence, Wikichild Coordinator - 17th December

Here's your opportunity to read some of the great blogs you may have missed and we look forward to bringing you a new range of ProgBlogs in 2013.

The Wikiprogress team wishes all our readers a Happy New Year!

Robbie Lawrence
Wikichild Coordinator 

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