Tuesday, 22 January 2013

January 2013 in Review!

We are already deep into January and a lot has been going on in the world of Progress. This blog will provide you with a selection of headlines and highlights from the month. With the Post 2015 debate on what framework should follow the Millennium Development Goals underway, this blog focuses on Wikiprogress’s new interactive Post 2015 page and Save the Children’s recent report ‘Ending Poverty In Our Generation’. It also includes Wikigender’s synthesis of its online discussion ‘Engaging Men and Boys to Transform Discriminatory Social Norms’, The OECD’s latest issue of ‘Education Indicators in Focus’ and President Obama’s impassioned words on climate chance in his recent inaugural address.

Wikiprogress has created an interactive Post 2015 page for users to access articles, publications, discussion boards and news on upcoming events.  There are new meetings, reports and conferences on the subject occurring every day and this page is intended to bring together all the key information so that Wikiprogress followers can stay up to date on proceedings.  To visit the Post 2015 page, click here

In a bid to make an early footmark in the Post 2015 debate, Save the Children recently released ‘Ending Poverty in Our Generation’, a vision of their new development framework. The report, consisting of ten key goals, aims to support the creation of a world where all people realise their human rights within a generation. To access the ‘Ending Poverty’, visit Wikichild’s Spotlight section.

Following on from the online discussion ‘Engaging Men and Boys in Transforming Discriminatory Social Norms’ that ran from 22nd until 31st of October, Wikigender released a synthesis of the rich exchange of views, examples and recommendations. The key issues of the discussion included: the power of men to change; rethinking ideas of masculinity; and educating society (both women and men) about gender equality and its benefits. Click here to read the synthesis.

The OECD’s latest issue of Education Indicators in Focus seeks to answer the question of what are the social benefits of education. The link between education and social benefits has long been recognized and research recently revealed that education not only enables individuals to perform better in the labour market, but also helps to improve their overall health, promote active citizenship and contain violence. Read more.

Lastly, a newly invigorated President Obama yesterday addressed the issue of climate change head on in his inaugural address. The topic that was completely overshadowed by the stuttering economy in the lead up to the election was one of the main focal points of Obama’s speech. Watch the clip below.

Stay tuned for more Progress reviews in the coming weeks!

Robbie Lawrence
Wikichild Coordinator

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