Friday, 28 December 2012

Wikichild Blog Catch Up - 2012

Hi Everyone,

2012 has been an exciting year for Wikichild and we decided to wrap it up by blogging a selection of  child related articles from the last 12 months. Enjoy!

Rapid urbanization is leaving millions of disadvantaged children behind by guest blogger James Elder of UNICEF - March 5th

Kids in High Poverty Communities: 5 Ways it Affects us all by Laura Speer is the Associate Director for Policy Reform and Data at the Annie E. Casey Foundation in Baltimore Maryland, USA - March 15th

“I am fighting for my future” by Hannah Chadwick - 19 June 

Early stimulation and micronutrients interventions: the next frontiers to break the cycle of child poverty by Christelle Chapoy, 3ie International Initiative for Impact Evaluation - 13  July 

The Child Development Index 2012 by Alex Cobham, Save the Children - 19 July 

The Global Whole Child by Sean Slade, ASCD the Whole Child - August

A Kony 2012 for Syria??? by Hannah Chadwick - 19 August 

Education for All - A Focus on Nutrition by Robbie Lawrence, Wikichild Coordinator - 1st November

The threat of inequality to children by Robbie Lawrence - 20 November 

Thank you to all who have followed us in 2012 and stay tuned for a diverse and interesting range of Child Well-being blogs in the new year. 

Robbie Lawrence 
Wikichild Coordinator 

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