Friday, 23 November 2012

Week in Review

Welcome to the Wikiprogress Week in Review. I am delighted to share some cheerful highlights from the busy week that was. This week’s highlights include: well-being data in the UK, a report on Australia’s well-being, a video on happiness, new research guidelines and a fast fact on pregnancies. 

A new nef report highlights the role that data can play for government analysts and civil society in terms of identifying the factors that correlate with low and high levels of well-being. nef have used data from the ONS well-being survey and analysed it according to themes such as ethnicity, employment and geography. 

A new report released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics consolidates findings from a nation-wide consultation conducted by Measures of Australia’s Progress (MAP). The report looks at the aspirations Australians have for themselves and their country, and highlights an interesting use of social media in engaging citizens and gathering data. 

Number Crunch: 
In 2012, more than 80 million unintended pregnancies will occur, 40 million of which will result in abortion. State of the World’s Population

Oxfam have released a new series of research guidelines  that cover issues such as how to conduct interviews, writing for impact and creating facts and graphics. Originally intended for Oxfam staff, the resources have been made available here to anyone who wants to learn about key aspects of the research process.

That’s all us this week. We hope to see you again the same time next week. 

Yours in Progress,

Philippa Lysaght

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