Friday, 25 May 2012

Week in Review

Hello, glad you could join us for the Wikiprogress week in review - a handful of headlines that have caught our eyes over the last week. You can find all news articles and blog posts on the progress community in the Wikiprogress Community Portal.

On progress
The New Economics of Happiness (The Atlantic 23.05.2012)
This week the OECD released an updated version of the Better Life Index, an initiative that measures progress based on various components of well-being including income, housing and life satisfaction.
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On the GFC and well-being
Economic Crisis Has Lasting Effect on Wellbeing Worldwide (Gallup 25.05.2012)
Since the 2008 economic meltdown, Gallup’s well-being studies have shown that on average around 1 in 4 adults worldwide have consistently rated their lives are ‘thriving’. However, the percentage of people rating their lives as ‘suffering’ has increased and stayed relatively high.
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On urbanisation
The Path to Riches is Paved Through Cities (China Daily 25.05.2012)
China has 690 million urban dwellers, that’s 51.3% of China's total population. The recent urban transition has been referred to by Joseph Stiglitz as one of the two main forces shaping the world in the 21st century. In 2012, China’s urbanisation landmark will have even more significance for the global economy.
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On gender equality
While Men Go Drinking, Women Go Fishing (IPS 22.05.2012)
The decline in water levels as a result of climate change has created new opportunities for women living in Genda Village, Zambia. The decreased water levels of the local river has meant these women are now able to fish, something that was too dangerous previously.
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We hope you will tune in the same time next week. In the meantime, if anything interesting passes your desk that you would like to see in the next Wikiprogress week in review, please tweet it to us @Wikiprogress or post it on our Facebook page.

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