Friday, 13 April 2012

Week in review

Hello, glad you could join us for the Wikiprogress week in review - a handful of headlines that have caught our eyes over the last week. You can find all news articles and blog posts on the progress community in the Wikiprogress Community Portal.    

World Bank Finds Vietnam Faces Future Urban Woes (Voice of America 09.04.2012)
The Vietnam Urbanization Report, released this week by the World Bank, warns that the rapid urbanization of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City could make home ownership increasingly unattainable for residents and cause transportation gridlock.
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On Google
What People Google May Hint at Socio-Economic Well-Being (UCL News 05.04.2012)
A study conducted by scientists from the University College of London has uncovered a link between what people search for on Google and high per capita gross domestic product. People living in economically prosperous countries are more likely to search about the future than the past.
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On openness
Openness for whom, openness for what? (World Bank Blog 09.04.2012)
The emerging concept of ‘open development’ incorporates the use of open data to enhance transparency and accountability. It has become a topic of much interest to civil society, policy makers and development practitioners however the World Bank questions who and this openness is for.
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On governance
Parliaments Still Vital to the Quest for Democracy (UN NEws Centre 02.04.2012)
The inaugural Global Parliamentary Report was released by the UNDP early this week. The report calls for parliaments to address issues of trust and to ensure a greater engagement with civil society.
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On gender equality
Pakistan’s Women Remain Voiceless Amid All the Talk of War and Terrorism (Guardian 10.04.2012)
47% of Pakistan’s estimated population of 190million are women. According to the recently published State of Huaman Rights 2011, women are at risk with an estimated 120,000 pregnant women that were left without adequate nourishment and sanitary conditions following the 2010 floods.
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We hope you will tune in the same time next week. In the meantime, if anything interesting passes your desk that you would like to see in the next Wikiprogress week in review, please tweet it to us @Wikiprogress or post it on our Facebook page.

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