Thursday, 8 April 2010

Trevor's Technical Update #3

Hello again Blog followers – it’s been a few weeks since my last post and I know you’re desperate for your next fix of technical updates in the world of wikiprogress. So here it comes.

First off we have made huge strides in the implementation of the famous ‘vislets’ – these are the plug-ins to our eXplorer dynamic graphics visualisation tool developed by our friends at NComVA that allows you to view stories based on data selected from the wikiprogress.stat data warehouse.

Just click the ‘play’ button below to animate the interface.

You’ll see information on Fertility rates in women and employment. The default setting is to track Spain and Italy in the bubble chart but you can just select any other country by simply clicking it on the map. The bubble chart axis allow you to simultaneously visualise the relationship between total population, fertility rate and employment rate. The colour scale on the map also indicates the fertility rate over time. Not bad eh?

Remember that any data from the wikiprogress.stat data warehouse (where anyone can upload their own progress-related data) can be selected and then analysed with this very powerful tool.

And speaking of wikiprogress.stat, just to remind you of its goals and aims Wikiprogress.Stat is driven by the need to inform and stimulate knowledge on Progress. It is supported and based at the OECD, it encourages imports and initiatives from every corner of the World.

Lately we have received a deluge of data that we are preparing to load and make public in the data warehouse. This covers topics which range from Economy Statistics (National Accounts, Household Investment, Hours worked, GDP, GFCF) to Quality of life (Health, Recreation and Culture, Freshwater, Development and Poverty or Atmosphere statistics)amongst others. And this is..on top of what we already have in Human Well-being, Gender issues and Peace….so place your cursor on the image below, click, and have a look around.

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