Friday, 19 February 2010

Trevs Prog Blog Tech Blog #2

Hello again progress tecchies, its Trev here with the latest progress on progress. It’s only a short blog though, just to keep you up to date ahead of some big news coming soon. Let’ s just call it a blogino , or even a bloguette .

First off, the data. Remember I told you about it in my first blog. What do you mean you don’t remember? You didn’t read it !? Then go here and do so immediately:

Well anyway, yes, the data is starting to come in. Big news announcement ! We’ve opened up the wiki.stat communal data bank on progress for you citizens to upload your stuff and you’re now doing the right thing. You can visit and find all sorts of goodies about love, peace and harmony (and gender issues too….). Check out the wonderfully named Happy Planet Index for example to see who’s satisfied with their life and who isn’t. Or the National Accounts of Well-being or ask some questions of the Is life getting better? dataset - how can you possibly resist it !?

And this is just the start. We want to get more and more of this to fulfil our dreams and build the definitive database on progress. So get loading people. For now you are allowed to be lazy and just send us an email to demanding that one of our team of dedicated technoids do all the work for you. Soon you’ll be able to use our online interface and do it yourselves.

And once your data is up there you can unlock all the stories it contains with the eXplorer interface I was telling you about. We’ve been working hard with our friends the boffins at NCVA who developed the interface so you can select any data you want from your table to view it via the eXplorer. And Bingo ! We’re going to showcase this in early March so watch this space….

Another area we’re thinking about is about linking our progress tables in wiki.stat to related data using semantic web techniques. It’s the next big thing of course. For now it’s just a twinkle in our tecchies eyes but watch this space for more mouth-watering references about URIs, RDF and triples… the first in the know and wow your friends and acquaintances at cocktail parties !

Feel free to comment or get back to us. Don’t be shy now.

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