Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Welcome to the Prog Blog! This is a blog that comes out of the Global Project for Measuring the Progress of Societies and the beta Wikiprogress. We are a part of a community of people interested in fresh measures of progress which include the environment and society. We would like to continue this investigation via this blog and so that we may hear from other voices that we might not have access to otherwise. Hooray internet!

We are interested in blogging about events, news, indicators, technology, subjective well being, other blogs, culture, books, equality, mammals, the odd recipe swap, the environment, pollution and whatever else we find interesting on the topic.

We hope that you will read along with us and most importantly provide your comments and feedback. We are coming from an angle that too many of today’s issues are sitting in their silos (along with their respective experts) and this blog is one of the ways we are asking for your contributions in the movement for better measures to ensure a sustainable future for our environment and society.

We are very much looking forward to blogging with you. We hope you find some of what we are writing about interesting as well as thought and action provoking.

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