Thursday, 8 November 2012

Wikichild makes some changes!

Hello all,

On November 6th 2012 the Child well-being portal was updated to improve user experience. We have put together this small blogpost to run you through the new modifications made to Wikichild:

·         Join Button: in order to make it easier for new users to understand how Wikichild works and how can they contribute, a new Join Button was placed on the Child well-being portal. This button not only gives the welcome to new users, but also shows several ways to get involved with the Wikichild project:
·         Create/edit articles.
·         Upload multimedia material.
·         Add an event.
·         Help by blogging.

·         Image banner: in order to improve the overall look portal and focus on a determined topic, a new image banner was added. If you are interested in us showing your pictures, please let us know by sending an e-mail to

·         Article Info section: since the Wikichild community has increased its presence during the last 12 months, a recent activity section was created. This section will list all the Child well-being related articles that have been modified and created, and by which users. This way, Wikichild strengthens itself as a community and lets the users to know who is contributing to the cause. To see the last 100 edits/new articles, visit the Wikichild News section in Wikiprogress.

·         Left column suppression: due to the natures of the site, the Child well-being page must be a portal. Thus, the left column that comes within the Mediawiki software per default was taken out, giving a new presence to the Wikichild main page, focusing on what matters and removing article-specific options that are available inside the Create a new article section

Further technological and content changes will be coming within the next months and we'll be happy to hear your needs and feedback. Please let us know your thoughts by sending them to

All the best,

Robbie Lawrence and Isaac Contreras Sandoval
Wikichild Coordinator and Wikiprogress Technological Consultant

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