Friday, 30 November 2012

Week in Review

Week in Review

Welcome to the Wikiprogress Week in Review, a selection of headlines and highlights from another busy week. With COP18 taking place in Doha, this Week in Review includes a new report on rising temperatures, the launch of the Sustainable Society Index, a number crunch on global warming, as well as the OECD Economic Outlook and an article on urban jobs.

4 °C
‘Turn the Head Down: Why a 4 °C World Must Be Avoided’ is a new report from the World Bank that analyses the likely impacts and risks associated with a 4° Celsius warming in this century. The report finds that those in the least developed countries will suffer the most. Find out more, download the report: Turn the Head Down

Sustainable Society Index 2012
This week, the Sustainable Society Foundation released their 2012 Index (SSI 2012), which measures the level of well-being and sustainability in 151 countries across the world. The index can be broken down into three key dimensions: human well-being, environmental well-being, and Economic well-being. So how is the world faring on sustainability? Have a look, SSI 2012 you’ll most likely find yourself pleasantly surprised!

Number Crunch
2012 is expected to be the 9th warmest year on record. Source

Economic Outlook
The OECD Economic Outlook has forecast that the global economy will make a hesitant and uneven recovery over the next few years. A key issue highlighted in the report is the need to address potential trade-offs between growth and equality, growth and stability, growth and environmental sustainability. Watch the key highlights: OECD Economic Outlook 2012 Video

Top 10 Urban Jobs
There are around 185,000 people who move into cities every day - that’s 2 billion more people living in cities by 2035. Cities are where jobs are - so what are the top 10 urban jobs? Among the list are: construction work, city planning, communicators, servers and more. Do you fit one of these categories? I know I do.

That’s all from me this week. Hope you can tune in again the same time next week for another Week in Review.

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