Friday, 26 October 2012

Week in Review


I hope you all had a busy and exciting week, we certainly did. This week highlights include the cycle of poverty, UN Day, happiness in the UK, a discussion on gender equality and a video on well-being in Vanuatu.

The Lost Generations (Project Syndicate 24.10.2012)
Jeff Sachs writes about the inheritance of poverty in the U.S. and the pivotal role education plays in the country’s economic success. To break the cycle of poverty, Sachs suggests the U.S. needs to invest in its children’s future,

"One of the shocking realities in recent years is that America now has almost the lowest degree of social mobility of the high-income countries. Children born poor are likely to remain poor; children born into affluence are likely to be affluent adults." Jeff Sachs

On UN Day, Ban calls for renewed commitment to building a better world for all (UN News 24.10.2012)
Wednesday marked the 67th anniversary of the UN Charter coming into forces. In his message, the UN chief said there has been progress on many fronts on the international agenda, however recognised that much more needs to be done.

Happiness index: how does the economy make us feel? (Guardian 23.10.2012)
The UK’s ONS released their latest update from the national measuring well-being programme. The update addresses how economic growth impacts on national well-being and includes indicators such as wealth, employment and health.

The Wikigender Online Discussion, Engaging Men and Boys to Transform Discriminatory Social Norms, asks what are the opportunities and challenges for engaging men and boys in promoting gender equality? Read the comments and have your say here.

Well-Being in Vanuatu
A documentary highlighting some of the key findings from the pilot study on ni-Vanuatu well-being conducted between. The research was conducted by the Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs and the Vanuatu National Statistics Office.

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