Friday, 26 August 2011

The Week in Review

Welcome to the Wikiprogress week in review, a round-up of media highlights from the busy and eventful week that was. Be sure to see the Wikiprogress community portal for all media and news from the progress community.

On Libya
UN Chief stresses unity and national reconciliation during transition (UN News Centre 23.08.2011)
The short-term future of Libya was discussed in a meeting between the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and leader of Libya’s Transnational Council, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, earlier this week. Importance was placed on maintaining national unity and fostering reconciliation in this period of transition.
See more on Libya, the first in a series of articles mapping the progress/regress of the nations involved in the Arab Spring revolutions.

On data
South Sudan launches its first GDP estimate (World Bank Blog 23.08.2011)
The republic of South Sudan, the world’s newest nation, released the country’s first estimate of GDP last week. Data from the National Bureau of Statistics shows South Sudan has done well compared to neighbouring countries in East Africa. See more and please contribute to our country article on The Republic of South Sudan

On child well-being
Millions of Nepal's children risk statelessness - U.N. (Reuters, 23.08.2011)
If the government of Nepal approves strict citizenship criteria as part of its new constitution, up to two million children will become stateless. If it goes ahead, Nepal will be the second country in the world, after Bhutan, to demand both parents to be nationals for a child to gain citizenship.
See more on Nepal

On gender equality
End of history and the last woman (The Economist 22.08.2011)
An article from last week’s edition of the Economist (The flight from marriage) showed that many Asians are marrying later in life, which is having a profound impact on women. This follow up article looks at fallen fertility rates, not just in Asia, but in 83 countries and territories around the world, and what sort of future this is shaping.
See more on sex ratio

On happiness
Happiness: the real purpose of economic development? (The Conversation 24.08.2011)
This article, written by Wikiprogress community member John Wiseman, gives a detailed overview about who’s doing what in the international progress community. It also gives a short analysis of the history of the movement and projections for the future of the progress community and its work.
See more on progress initiatives around the world

That’s all from us this week. Be sure to tune in the same time next week for another round-up of weekly highlights.

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