Friday, 12 August 2011

The week in review

Welcome to the Wikiprogress week in review- a round-up of media highlights from the busy and eventful week that was. I have to say that this week has been exceptionally busy, which is why we have particularly good selection for you. As always, see all media in the Wikiprogress community portal.

On progress
Economics of Inclusion (Vision of Humanity 09.08.2011)
The Club de Madrid recently released a paper on the shared societies project that looks at the relationship between social cohesion and economic growth and well-being. The Club de Madrid have done significant work on the role social cohesion plays in human development; this paper emphasises the role leaders need to take in developing an understanding of the economic benefits of social cohesion.
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On data
Mapping the riots with poverty (Guardian data blog 10.08.2011)
The riots in the UK have had the media spotlight shone on them for almost a week now, but there are few journalists who have been able to make sense of them. Data journalist Matt Stiles has put together a map mashing up deprivation data with riot incidents. He makes no correlation between the two but does ask for readers opinions on what the data shows.
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On happiness
A Gallup study conducted over four years in more than 150 countries looks at religious affiliation, life satisfaction, respect, social support and positive and negative feelings. This article details the results of the study with an interesting analysis of the relationship between religion and happiness on a global scale.

On gender equality
Women! Wikipedia needs you (Guardian 08.08.2011)
Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, spoke at the annual Wikipedia conference saying that 90% of contributors to the site are male. While he gave no reason as to why this has happened, he went into the detail about the risks of having such a distinct gender imbalance of Wikipedians and what possible adjustments Wikipedia could make to encourage more women to participate. 

On child well-being
The spotlight in the Australian media has shifted between the carbon tax and the Malaysia deal for the last few weeks now. Despite political alliances and personal beliefs, there has been a general consensus that the children who arrive in Australia as illegal immigrants will suffer from their immediate deportation to Malaysia, as many of them are travelling as unaccompanied minors.
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That’s all from us this week. We hope you tune in same time next week for another weekly round-up of media highlights.

Yours in progress,
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