Tuesday, 13 August 2013

What is the European Network on Measuring Progress?

This blog is part of the Wikiprogress series on networks. This week the focus is on the e-Frame European Network on Measuring Progress (eFrameNet).

The e-Frame European Network on Measuring Progress (European Network) was launched at the European Conference on Measuring Well-Being and Fostering the Progress of Societies, 26-28 June 2012,  with the objective to contribute to the establishment of a European position on the issues related to methodological and theoretical aspects of new indicators for the measurement of societal progress and well-being ‘beyond GDP’.

The Network aims to increase the visibility of the findings of pertinent projects on progressing beyond GDP and to elevate the debate via the highly global Wikiprogress platform to an international level.  The Network is hosted by the Wikiprogress platform and was set up by the Italian National Institute of Statistics. The European Network on Measuring Progress is an off-shoot of the e-Frame EU FP7 Project.

The European Network's Activities 
The Network’s structure allows members to communicate through the e-Frame website and the Wikiprogress platform in order to connect stakeholders, researchers, organisations, citizens and policymakers in the ongoing debate about what constitutes the most “accurate” measurement of well-being and societal progress.

The position of the European Network on the Wikiprogress platform represents a key strength, driving the European local, national and international debate towards a highly global perspective. The European Network sits alongside the regional Wikiprogress Africa and Wikiprogress Latin America networks and benefits from the synergies created with Global Progress Research Network (GPRNet), Wikichild and Wikigender, contributing to discussion at a regional and subject-specific level.

The European Network forms a community of academics, analysts, opinion leaders and citizens around the subject of measuring well-being who are able to contribute to the definition of “better statistics” produced by the European National Statistics Institutions (EU NSIs). Key members include the EU NSIs, civil society organisations, academia and research centres.

To subscribe to the European Network on Measuring Progress news alert, click here or email us for further information: info@wikiprogress.org.

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