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Top Olympics winners: how do they fare in well-being?

Top Olympics winners: how do they fare in well-being?
Hello progress world,

We have created an infographic for you guys to check out, please let us know what you think. It shows how the five most successful countries at this years London Olympics fare when it comes to measuring well-being and progress. Key points to note are:

  • The UK is the highest ranked in three of the indexes, making it the consistently top scorer in the group. It is the most peaceful, ecologically friendly and has the highest level of sustainability among the five countries. 
  • The USA tops the Human Development Index (HDI) which comprises of a range economic and social conditions; these include life expectancy, average years of schooling among the adult population, and expected years of schooling for children at entry level age.
  • The five countries occupy a noticeably wide range of rankings within each category barring the Sustainable Society Index. All rank relatively low on the Happy Planet Index (HPI) with the top seeded UK only taking the 41st spot – these poor scores are mainly due to the large ecological footprints left by each country.
  • Similarly, only the UK and Korea are in the top 50 for the Global Peace Index (GPI), which measures military spending, and the potential for internal and external conflicts.
  • Russia and China consistently rank among the lowest five (apart from Russia in its HDI and China on the HPI scale). Russia would score higher on the HDI, if its weak health measurement had not been taken into account, where it ranks at 125th. China ranks 2nd (among the five countries) on the HPI, this is due to its population's average life expectancy and ecological footprint, both of which feature towards the middle of the rankings, at 70 and 73 respectively.

Any comments would be appreciated.

A plus,
Gueorguie Vassilev
Wikiprogress Team

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