Wednesday, 6 June 2012

How to get involved in the global discussion on child well-being

Wikichild is an open resource. Its core mission is to create a global information tool supported by a worldwide partnership of organisations and individuals wishing to participate in the collection, analysis and dissemination of data on child well-being. The ultimate aim is to provide a platform that facilitates the accessibility of child well-being statistics and information on child well-being issues in general, including information on events, publications and case-studies, and facilitates collaboration and networking opportunities in the area.
In recent months there has been a substantial amount of new material posted on the Wikichild portal.  Weekly spotlighted publications, blogs, new and amended seed articles and daily postings of child well-being relevant media have been added further contributing to make Wikichild an important global resource for research and advocacy in the field of child well-being.
In addition to this the Wikichild community is growing with Save the Children coming on board as a partner in May and the Wikichild team has noted an increasing number of visitors to the site from a wider variety of countries.
Wikichild is available for the global community to contribute to, learn and benefit from. If you have something to add, Create an account and become a User on the portal page. Alternatively join the discussion around child well-being by commenting on blogs posted on this ProgBlog.

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