Sunday, 16 October 2011

The week in review

Hello, glad you could join us for the Wikiprogress week in review, a handful of headlines that have caught our eyes over the last week. You can find all news articles and blog posts on the progress community in the Wikiprogress Community Portal

On Stiglitz, Sen and Fitoussi
Two years after the Stiglitz-Sen-Fitoussi Commission’s recommendations, the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE), the French Ministry for the Economy, Finance and Industry and the OECD, hosted a follow-up conference to take stock of current initiatives and reflections at national and international levels to measure progress and sustainability.
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On data
The Future of Open Data (Guardian Data Blog 12.11.2011)
In the lead-up to the 2011 Open Government Data Camp in Warsaw, the Guardian take stock of how far the open data movement has come and what to expect from the world’s largest open data event.
See a database of progress indicators Wikiprogress.Stat

On governance
Key findings of the 2011 Ibrahim Index show that a balanced and inclusive approach to governance is the foundation for the development of national well-being. Most African countries have improved in both sustainable economic opportunity and human development; nations that practice a balanced approach to all aspects of governance have achieved the greatest success.
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On child well-being
Tanzania: Fast drop in child mortality! (Gapminder News 11.10.2011)
The United Nations published estimates for worldwide child mortality rates this week.  Tanzania´s average annual rate of reduction of child mortality over the last 15 years was 4.6 %, surpassing the Millennium Development Goal rate of reduction of 4.3%.
See more and contribute to the Wikichild article on child mortality rates

On gender equality
Discussions hosted by the International Labour Organisation on Wednesday produced a new alliance between the media industry and civil society called ‘National Media Partnership on Supporting Pakistani Women’s Empowerment’. Over 800 journalists in Pakistan will be trained on how to bring issues faced by women to the public in a befitting manner.

In the Spotlight: OECD 'How's Life?' Report Measures Well-Being Across The World (The Huffington Post 12.10.2011)
How’s Life, a report released by the OECD on Wednesday, gives an analysis of household and individual well-being indicators in an attempt to identify the key drivers of well-being.

That’s all from us this week- we hope you tune in the same time next week. In the meantime, if anything interesting passes your desk that you would like to see in the next Wikiprogress week in review, please tweet it to us @Wikiprogress or post it on our Facebook page.

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