Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Time for GPS Enabled Post Codes

How many of us have ever had difficulty finding a location: houses in the
country; premises in industrial estates; a new restaurant! Even with GPS
navigation technology in vehicles and mobile phones, it is still a
challenge to tell someone where you live ... you see a park on your right,
go under a bridge, pass an old church don't take the next turn, keep going
up the hill until you see a large wall, if you see a yellow house you have
gone too far!

Imagine if every building had a unique short alphanumeric postcode that
could be used by GPS technology to arrive at the door first time, not just
even near it but right outside it!

Ireland is currently going through the process of introducing postcodes.
Being the last European country to do so gives us the chance to develop a
postcode that maximises the use of GPS technology. Because a postcode is
part of your address then everyone will readily know their postcode and be
able to provide it to service deliverers, couriers, emergency services etc.
No more struggling with streets with no names, houses with no numbers, and
lefts and rights.

Imagine the savings on time, fuel, and inefficient routing that will be
gained from the use of a technology-enabled humble postcode. Statisticians
can unlock administrative data. Transport planners can do commuter route
mapping. Deprivation can be more accurately mapped and service provision
more tuned. Innovation and competitive advantage at our fingertips. Is it
time for a European Regulation standardising the introduction of smart
postcodes across Europe?



By Gerry Brady, from Wikiprogress Correspondent, the Central Statistics Office Ireland.

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